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Enjoy The Skies

One sky aviation

We Are Specialized In Drone And Aviation Operations

For Business

Attracting new customers is now even more easier

Advertise your business in the most unique way at the fraction of the competition’s cost

Banner Towing

Tow your company banner in the air using unmanned aircraft. Get everyone's attention from the air!!!

Flyer Drop

Use our drone to drop flyers, brochures, business cards, leaflets and other advertised items from the sky

Accomplish Your Business Target

  • More Sales
  • More Customers/Clients
  • More Revenue
  • More Walk-In
  • Brand Awareness
  • Open House/House For Sale

For Personal

We are not just here for business, we are here for personal stuff too!

Propose to your loved ones, we will fly the proposal banner

Or a birthday, graduation, wedding banner and other personal messages

Drop flowers or wedding invitation cards and much more using our flyer drop service

Drone Certification

  • Become a licensed drone operator
  • Fly legally in public places
  • Expand your photography business


We offer both Basic and Advanced drone training